Table saw safety guidelines you must follow

A table saw is a machine that was designed to slice through materials by pushing it through the blade. It consists of a circular blade and a horizontal table that is stationary during the cutting process. This article is generally created for table saws that use an electric style of motor. This article only goes over some safety tips that you should be aware of in order to use it safely. This info does not substitute the manufacturer’s instruction manual ever. The information here is of a general nature, so consult a professional before taking action on it.

table saw cutting wood

You should know the purpose and how to use each part of every saw, how to quickly shut off the engine, the possibilities, and limitations of the particular saw, the space required to store it and the location of the safety features. Pay particular attention to all the information and warning plates on the table saw. Maintenance, repair or changing features of the saw may only be done by specialized personnel that are licensed. Do not use the saw if anything abnormal is found out during daily inspection or during usage. In such a case, turn it off and call the manufacturer of the saw immediately.

Safety Advice for Table Saws

-Keep the space around the table saw free of distractions/mess.

-Do not place it near the edges of rooms, slopes or cuts in the ground, unless they have effective protection.

-Do not store flammable material in the vicinity of the engine.

-Keep the cutting table environment clean and dry while working with the saw.

-Do not place the saw under areas with suspended loads or in areas with vehicles passing

-Before plugging it into electricity, check that the voltage and frequency match those indicated on the instructions.

-Protect the power cord when driving through work areas or other areas. Keep the cable as high as possible from the ground.

-Do not use the saw outdoors in bad climatic conditions (rain, high wind speed, snow, etc.).

-Wear rough clothes with adjustable cuffs. It is not advisable to wear chains, jewelry, loose clothing, etc.

At the end of the day, store the table saw in a good place where it can not be turned on by unauthorized personnel or kids. Do not leave it suspended from the hook of a crane by itself.
The cleaning of the saw must be done with the motor stopped and the power cord off.

-Check that the push stick and longitudinal and transverse guides are available and that they are in good condition. Regularly check that the chip removal slit of the lower guard is not blocked.

-If necessary, place the appropriate guards around the area where pedestrians, workers or vehicles are present or will be.

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