SawStop PCS31230 Review: 36″ T-Glide Fence Cabinet Table Saw

The SawStop PCS31230 is a cabinet style of table saw that really stands out.  It is way bigger than a portable table saw and is ideal for big projects in the home and workshop.  This saw has a number of different features that I will go over and you can decide if it’s good for you. Read on to find out what these good features are and if this would make a good addition to your workshop…

SawStop PCS31230 Features

This saw weighs 493 pounds… It’s so big you could almost put 2 portable saws inside of it.  You’re probably wondering what kind of power you get from a beast like this?

Well, the motor is pretty impressive, having 3 horsepower and using 220v. This enables you to cut stuff that smaller saws just can’t get through.  If you are a pro woodworker then the SawStop PCS31230 would be an excellent addition to your shop.

When it comes to the blades you can use both 10 inch, as well as 8-inch dado blades.  You can have confidence that any cut you make is deadly accurate too because the 36-inch T-glide fence makes things very precise.  The saws dimensions are 69 x 33 x 34 inches, so factoring that in with the heavyweight it is obviously best to keep it in the shop or garage.

Blade guard, anti-kickback pawls, and riving knife changes are quick and don’t require any tools enabling you to get back to the job quickly.  One thing that everybody hates about using table saws is the flying dust. The dust collection system on this product collects about 99% of the dust through a couple steps.  First, the dust collection blade works its magic on the top, then the shrouding makes the dust pass to the 4-inch port going away from the blade.  Your lungs will thank you if you use this saw, that’s for sure!

The safety system has to be one of the biggest selling points of this saw.  It features an electronic detection system that is able to differentiate between wood and a human skin.  How it does this is once the system detects contact with wood it sends a signal to the blade which is monitored for any change. If it detects any contact with a human it will activate an emergency brake which stops the blade fully within 1/200th of a second.  The blade blocks the teeth of the blade and stops it from spinning.

You’re probably wondering how the system can tell the difference between wood and human contact. This is because the conductivity of human skin and wood is very different.  When the blade touches skin the electronic signal changes, triggering the brake instantly.  Besides the brake, this saw includes a lockout key to be used on the main power switch.  If you have kids/grandkids running around this will give you peace of mind knowing they cant have any accidents.


  • State of the art safety system
  • Very powerful 3 hp motor
  • Efficient dust collection
  • Strong and sturdy design


  • The only con would have to be that it is expensive for some

The verdict

If you are a serious carpenter that need a powerful cabinet table saw, then the SawStop PCS31230 is the saw for you!  The sturdy design and safety system makes it a product that pays for itself after helping you complete any project that you can throw at it. If you can afford to make the investment in a quality cabinet table saw then give this one a shot.  If you want to see some other top rated table saws then you can do that too.