Bosch 4100-09: 10 Inch Table Saw Review

Bosch is another brand in the carpentry/woodworking industry that produces a lot of products.  The 4100-09 is a table saw that many people seem to have a high opinion of.  I will give my opinion on what the pros and cons of this saw are, as well as if it’s a good option for you…

Bosch 4100-09 Table Saw Features

The size of this saw is 29 x 21.5 inches.  This is solid for cutting larger boards and some lumber.  The top is a smooth aluminum that you should be able to easily slide boards over.

It’s easy to set positions with this saw thanks to the square riplock fence that can be slid down or up the rail easily. Cutting accuracy is increased because of this feature, making it so that you can measure once and cut with confidence.

The 15 amp electric motor rotates at 3650 rpm.  It generates 4 hp and drives a 10-inch blade that is easy to change with the included arbor lock.  You can cut most bigger pieces of wood with the 25-inch rip capacity.  If 25 inches isn’t enough for you then you can rip even bigger boards if you buy an extension.

When it comes to safety, this saw has a “smart guard system”.  The system is composed of a blade guard with anti-kickback pawls and a riving knife.  These can be detached without needing any tools for those fast changes.  It’s easy to measure as the aluminum guard is split in the middle.  Kickback is greatly reduced as the riving knife does a great job of grabbing onto the wood and stopping it dead in its tracks.

The 40 tooth blade is made of carbide and slices through softer pine and other woods like butter.  It can rip other types of wood too of course, just at a little slower rate depending on how hard it is.

If you don’t like the miter gauge on this one you can always buy another one, as some people have reported that they did just that.

The gravity rise stand on this product has to be one of my favorite features.  It enables the unit to collapse and set up easily just by using the lever.  Move the saw around is also easy with the two wheels and the stand. There are even handles for added stability.  The dimensions of the product are 39.3 x 29.7 x 21.2 inches which is fairly compact.


  • Anti-kickback smart guard makes for easy blade changes
  • Tough 40 tooth carbide blade
  • High powered 3650 rpm motor
  • Gravity rise stand makes for easy setup and take down
  • Wheels and built-in handle for transporting
  • Smart storage area for blades and accessories


  • Some people might find the investment to be too much

The Conclusion

Overall Bosch did very well with this table saw and there aren’t very many negatives.  The gravity rise stand and smart guard system make it one of the best portable table saws on the market  I would definitely recommend this saw for anyone that wants something portable from a reputable brand.