9 Tips For Woodworking


We are going to give you 10 simple tricks and pointers when woodworking at your home, either to pre-treat or keep your wood in great condition and avoid costly mistakes.

1.- When cutting with a jigsaw, always start the saw before the blade gets even a little bit close to the wood. If you touch the wood and start the saw too early, the wood will break. It’s important, with a jigsaw, that you always hold on tight to it and make sure that it doesn’t vibrate.

2.- A carpentry trick to make sure that two wood chunks do not separate when nailing is: instead of nailing them straight in, it is better to use a 45-degree angle because in this method the two pieces of wood will not get separated from each other.

3.- When laying down wooden floors, it is important to not get rid of the expansion joint, since wood expands when heated and if it has no room it will press too hard on the surface.

4.- When working with power tools and wood, remember to always use safety goggles to avoid damaging your eyes severe, y. Also prevent your other body parts from getting critically injured with safety gear as is deemed necessary.

5.- Consider the type of wood you’re working with. There are woods that are better to work with than others, for a quick example: oak is very hard, this means you will need some special tools to work with this type of wood properly.

6.- Once you’ve sanded a piece of wood, remember to clean the surface of dust and debris well before you start painting it or doing any other work on it.

7.- Use Primer before painting. It helps to cover the pores of the wood. The primer avoids paint from messing up and makes it easier to get the job done. It is a practical and basic product to use when painting wood that everybody should be aware of.

8. When drilling holes in the wood with screws, use a solid impact driver. This will speed up the job by about 50-75% in my honest experience.

9.- When using varnish or applying an enamel to the wood, special emphasis should be placed on the edges, it is the most important part of the wood and where it is most likely to get hit with incoming moisture and debris. Apply it well to cover the pores of the wood. In order for the wood to last for a long time, it is very important to maintain, sand and apply varnish or paint whenever is necessary, depending on the type of wood.

Saws for woodworking

With these simple tricks, we are sure that if you apply them you will get all your projects with wood well done. Make sure that you get a good table saw for all your woodworking projects. See the best saws over here http://thesawcritic.com.